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WideEmotion is our 40-ft long turn-key sponsorship and event information system.  


We designed it starting with a clean sheet of paper and we purpose built it to serve event organizers. Measuring 40 feet in length,  WideEmotion has great presence and it will uplift your event with its sleek, modern lines and its focused functionality.


Use it as an information center at your event. Display event information. Broadcast live Tweets and Instagram posts. Recognize your corporate contributors and award winners. Promote your event and association to the attendees by highlighting membership benefits.


WideEmotion is perfect for paid sponsorship messages and it will serve you well as a profit center. WideEmotion is the answer to your exhibitors’ call for something new and exciting.

Click here to view examples of sponsorship content that played on WideEmotion

This is a detailed (5 min. 30 sec.) video with narration. It will tell you everything you want to know about WideEmotion. Please enable sound on the lower right corner of this video to hear the narration. If you prefer to read about WideEmotion instead feel free to jump to the FAQ section below. 

FAQ WideEmotion

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